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twenty five days to total transparency, two

by jason brown, editor, avaiki nius agency

Last year, this agency declared this email contact as coming under TTT, total transparency tools.

General alarm greeted news that all responses would be published automatically to the internet, via the world wide web.

Quietly, responding to community concern, this agency turned off the auto-publishing. Oops.


This time, this agency will attempt a countdown to TTT day, alerting as many networks as possible, that all correspondence future to 10th October 2008 will, again, publish automatically to the internet.

This second attempt at transforming this email address into TTT, a total transparency tool, coincides with the annual general meeting of the Pacific Islands Media Association, 10th October 2008. 

No coincidence, approval in principle coming from PIMA executives for further scoping out of partnership process, with homeland and regional media interests. 


General alarm generally greets attempts to create unity between media groups based in the homelands, and those based in Aotearoa, Australia, or, anywhere, really.

That's why a theme of the convention is pac2thefuture - a back-to-basics approach, starting with web2 approaches to adapting web1 and other now traditional media to the future.

PIMA holds it's annual general meetings in Auckland, so far, providing the country's only internationally recognised media forum for Aotearoa-based tata Pasifika, media people from, of, for and by Pacific Islanders. 

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