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Jason Brown . reporter
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Started my career in journalism in February 1982 at daily paper Cook Islands News, then government-owned. Since then, I have mostly in print, mostly newspapers, but also pre-digital radio and television. Started Avaiki Nius Agency in Rarotonga in 1999 and appointed myself editor, going online in the middle of 2004. Currently working out of Auckland, Aotearoa.




  • Intercultural communication

  • print, ‘cyber’ and photo journalism

  • advocacy of information and media centrality

  • thin-slicing’ policy and research documents, governance innovation

  • web2 mixtures such as blogs, forums, ‘tweets’, and RSS

  • email-2-web auto-publishing

  • layout, design and formatting

  • online research


career highlights


Avaiki Air crash documentary 1991; exposing the us$1.1 billion Letters of Guarantee scam 1995; “press attaché” for the Cook Islands team to the Olympics (briefly met Hillary Clinton) 1996; regional reporter at the XIV World AIDS conference in Barcelona (briefly met Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton) 2002, internship at the SPC Pacific Women’s Bureau 2006, and, disappearance of Jean-Pascal Couraud (ongoing).




Currently correspondent for Islands Business and contributing editor to PIJO, PFF, and PIMA (NZ), writing articles, proposals and policy submissions.


2009 Founding Avaiki Trust, focusing on media centralities
Pacific Freedom Forum
Pacific Islands Journalism Online
2006 Submission to Australian
Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade
Women In Politics conference, Rarotonga, Pacific Islands Forum
2005 Submission to Cook Islands select committee on political reform
2005 Editor,
Project JPK, an investigation into disappearance of journalist
2005 Mainstreaming Gender Issues workshop, SPC, PINA and NZAID, Suva, Fiji.
2004 Official photographer to Maire Maeva Nui, 39th annual celebrations
2003 Country researcher, Cook Islands,
Informing Citizens report, AusAID
2003 Pacific Islands News Association AGM, Cooks delegate, Samoa.
2002 Editor, Pacific Islands AIDS Foundation report, XIV World AIDS Conference
2002 Reporter, Cook Islands Star
2000 Editor, annual report, Pacific Islands Business Trust (NZ)
2000 Reporter, Cook Islands News: ‘Chief of Staff arrested for corruption’
2000 Strengthening National Media Associations conference, AUSaid, PINA, Fiji.
1999 Cooks Islands delegate, Pacific Islands News Association AGM, Fiji.
1998 Cooks Islands delegate, Pacific Islands News Association AGM, Tahiti.
1997 Founding member Cook Islands Media Council
1996 Founding member Cook Islands Media Association Inc.
1994 Publisher of Cook Islands Press, a Sunday weekly > 1998
1994 Reporter, Cook Islands Television.
1994 Cooks delegate, Pacific Islands News Association AGM, Samoa.
1993 Cooks delegate, Pacific Journalists Association, Suva
1993 Founding member
Cook Islands Journalists Association
1992 Sub-editing workshop, SPC, Fiji.
1990 Delegate, Pacific Islands Forum – Media/Government conference, Rarotonga.
1990 Pacific Islands Journalism Course, Manukau Polytech
1988 Publisher, campaign newspaper, Kuki Airani Press
1987 Radio New Zealand International stringer > 2006
1986 Sacked from government newspaper for “mischievous” stories
1985 Editor, daily Mini Games supplement, Cook Islands News
1982 Reporter, Cook Islands News


planning and organisation


Launched and sustained a Sunday newspaper in one of the world’s smallest markets, Cook Islands Press for four years, 1994-98, during a time of economic collapse and massive outward migration. Co-awarded 1996 Pacific Islands News Association Freedom of Information Award, with then 126-year-old Fiji Times.




An enthusiastic team player, I enjoy newsroom atmospheres, working at daily Cook Islands News for a total of ten years. I also worked closely with colleagues and media supporters to establish Cook Islands Journalists Association Inc. (1993), including a code of ethics; Cook Islands Media Association Inc. (1996) and Cook Islands Media Council (1997). More recently, from 2004, I advocated regionally for use of web2 as a strategic advantage, assisting from early days of Pacific Islands Journalism Online (2007), Pacific Freedom Forum (2008) and Pacific Islands Media Association (NZ) Inc. (2008).




Arts, history, spirituality, religions, cycling, walking, reading, eating, sleeping.




Jason Brown
Project JPK,
Tagata Pasifika | TVNZ
100 Victoria Street West or
PO box 3819
Aotearoa, New Zealand

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Shree Venkatram said...

You have an impressive profile. And are engaged in very useful work. I liked your comment- we are all nigerians now- at comminit.com
and visited your blog.
But why do you mention Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela meetings in your profile?
I feel we must move away from the big names...
You have so much work to show, and for us to learn from.