[Pacific_media_watch] 6268 PNG: Opinion - 'Are we signing our future to foreigners?'

Title – 6268 PNG: Opinion - 'Are we signing our future to foreigners?'
Date – 25 May 2009
Byline – None
Origin – Pacific Media Watch
Source – PNG Post-Courier, 25/05/09
Copyright – PC
Status – Unabridged
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Letter to the editor:

PORT MORESBY (PNG PC Online/Pacific Media Watch): [Former Prime
Minister] Sir Julius Chan's advert in the papers on Friday has merit on
the unequal ownership issues of Papua New Guinea's vast resources with
the giant mines.

I salute you Sir Julius for speaking out now, but where were you when
BCL, Ok Tedi, Porgera and Lihir deals were signed into contracts giving
our land and resources to foreigners? Were you a PM, a MP, did you have
any influence at all when you were in office?

In the guise of "State", the people of the land have been relocated,
abused, brainwashed, conned into signing deals that have for the last
20-30 years reaped and plundered the resources of the Papua New Guinea.

I hope when the Governor-General signs on behalf of the "State", he is
not signing away the nation to foreigners at the expense of our
children and our future. Those who have the money will speak with force.

Why do Papua New Guineans, as the "papa graun", have a 2 percent voice
in running the giant mining companies? Where are all the profits going

Lihir has not declared profits for a long time. Misima and BCL are
closed. Ok Tedi is winding down. Ramu nickel was given on a golden
platter to China!

For what? For who? I commend SHP Governor for his stand in demanding 10
percent share in LNG.

It's about time Papua New Guineans spoke up for their rights.
Certainly, BSA with LNG needs more to be done so that another BCL, Ok
Tedi and Misima, Porgera and Lihir deals are not repeated again, where
landowners have very little say and are left behind by Waigani.

Sir J, you have one supporter. You are fighting a big battle. Victory
may be delayed, but it will come. Papua New Guinea, now is the time to
speak up or for ever we will keep silent.

— Bapa Bomoteng
Concerned PNGean

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