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Signs of increasing desperation from America's right wing are their readiness to leap on the dodderings of an amiably naive nobel laureate.

"Inherently gloomy" about prospects for black intelligence, James Watson stumbled into what is known in politics as a "hit" - engineering some obscure report into a news event.

In this case, it is the New York Times caught wagging the dog, providing divisive commentary on nonissues under the guise of freedoms of speech and societal speculation.

Blacks Are Dumber Than Whites - NAM - balanced, but still provocative


avaiki: > avaiki top 10 issues for 2007

avaiki: > avaiki top 10 issues for 2007

Perceived corruption - Social Report 2007


New Zealand's latest report delves into the country's social condition, citing a wide variety of sources. Except when it comes to corruption where the only reference is to Transparency International.

"In the Corruption Perceptions Index 2006, New Zealand was ranked first equal with Finland and Iceland as the least corrupt nations in the OECD. Since 1995, New Zealand has consistently been among the top four OECD nations perceived as highly clean," states MSD approvingly in the report, the Social Report2007 , te porongo oranga tangata.

Transparency International is on record with this agency as ignoring serious questions about corruption - for years.


Perceived corruption - Social Report 2007 - official social development page on corruption

is transparency international corrupt? - agency questions about global watchdog

WikiDashboard - Providing social transparency to Wikipedia

WikiDashboard, a research prototype from Palo Alto Research Center (formerly known as Xerox PARC), is a visualization tool for analyzing users' editing patterns on Wikipedia articles. The tool shows visualizations embedded in live Wikipedia pages to provide social transparency about who edits how many revisions on each Wikipedia page.

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media: old wine into new bottles

“Journalism training is booming in the developing world”


Failing media groups across the pacific islands region may want to look at first-world approaches - foundation-based training by established media providers.

Economist online reports one example, the BBC World Service Trust as starting in Poland in the 1990's, going on to train some 1,500 across 50 countries in 15 different languages. Trainers from this and other first world organisations warn against imposing too many foreign concepts on local journalists.

“They have miserable salaries, take on considerable risks, and still want to carry on,” says Kieran Cooke, a former foreign correspondent turned trainer. Course participants often just want to talk.

Economist | Journalism training is booming in the developing world

update: arctic ice melt faster than reports predict

Most people keeping an eye on global warming know ice around the arctic is melting faster than at any time in recorded history.

Just not how fast.

New York Times reports that "thick, durable [ice] floes that were at least 10 years old dropped to 2 percent this spring from 80 percent in the spring of 1987..."

Such ferocious change may have natural causes, as well as manmade, but scientists now warn that the same forces could help heal ice gaps - the size of six Californias - or make them much worse.

Climate Change - Sea Ice - Arctic - New York Times

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