transparency: doubts about global watchdog continue

Transparency International is the McDonald's of the governance world, serving up Big Macroeconomic themes in its global fight against corruption. But some feel TI badly lacks TA - transparency and accountability.

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hate PDF ? here's how to do one that works

COMMENTDown at the Pacific Media Centre they have re-revolutionised the PDF. One page. One story. Simple.This is a PDF for folks who hate PDF.

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here's how to do a pdf

download pdf : 284k

At this one man news agency, we absolutely loath PDFs.

Half the information we need is buried inside these pesky critters, all nicely locked up so tight you can't do anything useful with it - if you can download and open the bloody thing in the first place.

Just when we were going to go online and really let rip, I noticed a PDF that pauses me for thought. A simple, one page, quick to load 284 kilobyte file (as above) from the folks at the Pacific Media Centre. An example of KISS journalism at its best, the PDF continues the simple theme by sticking to just one story. Gasp. Yes!

UNESCO and the "information literacy paradigm"

UNESCO is planning a series of train-the-trainer projects over the coming two years aimed at building the "information literacy paradigm."Disadvantaged groups are a priority for the projects, being run under UNESCO IFAP, the Information for All Programme. So - open source confusion or Google-based clarity, anyone?

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