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i am not "partly right", i am completely right,

If the link says FAQ, then the page that links from the word FAQ should in fact feature Frequently Asked Questions.

It does not matter if it's a word .doc file at the ' bottom ' of anything or whether it causes ' incontinence ' or not - if it's not a FAQ, then don't call it a FAQ, and if there is not a FAQ on the other end, then don't link to it using any of the three letters in the following order F-A-Q.

Equally, if the link leads to a "media statement", then it might follow generally accepted web practice or GAWP to type the words "media statement" into the link, rather than waste my time clicking on what I hoped was a link to a FAQ, wasting some more time writing to MSD about it out of the goodness of my citizen soul, then wasting still more time responding to vaguely half-witted excuses where there are none.
Just going through my draft folder, and apologies if I have sent this already, but considering that there has been no response, I'll add this to my on-the-record media query database.
meitaki ma'ata, many thanks,

2008/8/27 Webmaster <>
Dear Jason

You are partly right, it is linking to the media statement rather than
the actual Q&A's, but as it would be against the E-govt guidelines to
link directly to the word docs (which are listed at the bottom of the
beehive statement) without having some summary text for the user to
notify them of opening up a word doc file. As such we can not put this
kind of text in our left hand menu navigation.

Apologies for any incontinence this may have caused.

Jared Dreyer

Web Services
Ministry of Economic Development

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Just noticed what may be a link error on the BIF landing page at:

where it says FAQ on the left hand side bar, the link actually goes
through to a beehive press release on the BIF.



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