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kia orana all,

please find below an open invitation for our networks, to attend a free lunch time talk today from Robert Fisk, renown as a rare independent voice in western media.

Anyone wanting big-picture, inside-stories on why the world is the way it is today, warts and all, should take a break from parochial concerns, head along and have a listen. Also be good to give support and add numbers to a PMC hosted event - an astonishingly good opportunity to network with one of the world's leading journalistic practitioners.

He's talking from a middle east perspective, but no doubt there are some local angles we can winkle out of him!



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Hi Jason,
Many thanks, I probably won't get back to you until late today - rather busy with Fisk and other things. Online at PMC today:
This is an open session and FREE (with lunch at our expense) ...  Bring anybody you like, or let mates know. Circulate to the Movement for Democratic Media. We want to make sure it is full (160 seats - but it is the mid-semester break and students are away).
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kia orana david,

this is just to let you know the first rough stab has been made, and that I need to go through and add page numbers, references, etc.

Please find attached, love some feedback about whether I'm way off base on anything, as usual !

Had some interim feedback, and they pointed out that I hadn't said whether I liked the book or not, which I do, or why, so I will.



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