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At the height of controversy over police detaining, intimidating and interrogating journalists in Fiji, regional colleagues were just as fixed on behind-the-scenes debate on transparency and accountability.

End result?

Strong support from members of the Pacific Freedom Forum for establishment of an editorial board with contributing editors, some private, most public.


Why are some forum editorial board members being kept secret?

As members of the forum followed events blow-by-blow from all corners of Fiji, they also traded ethical blows over - should there be secret editors at all?

In the end, members agreed there was as much call for some secrecy at the editorial board level. A public profile as a conduit for national security debate would no doubt end up fairly quickly with a pounding on the door at four in the morning.


A few weeks ago, later.

Since then avaiki news agency has been busy researching wrong and right ways of publishing news from the forum, getting lost in a number of ethical chicken-or-egg conundrums, a few technical logic-loops. Friends at PICISOC will get a laugh from that, snearing as this agency has been about lengthy delays from generally accepted, web1 IT people.

But the wait is over, ethics conundrummed, logic-unlooped.


A draft profile will be published online at Pacific Islands Nius Online, an industry-owned, agency monitored web2 "overlay" for existing, traditional web1 sites participating on a "fair use" or voluntary basis, such as editorial opinion pieces for global distribution. 

In the interests of transparency and accountability, avaiki nius agency will present a series of formal proposals to various media fora, as consultants like to say, that may be accepted or rejected as members see fit, wise and hopefully, invigorating for the media industry as a whole.

Long story, short: this agency is dedicated to developing not just media capacity, but media centrality. Not just here, in our region, but as our contribution to globalisation. Or as development gateway puts it, glocalisation.


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