nuclear test vets double average cancer rates

AVEN members meet to discuss cancer rates among nuclear veterans
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AVEN members meet at Fleurance to discuss the discuss the fate of French nuclear test veterans exposed to radiation in Africa and Polynesia.


Officials from the Nuclear Test Veterans Association briefed members and associate veterans on their work since founding seven years ago, in June 2001.

Meeting at the mayoralty of Fleurance, AVEN represents 3,000 members in French territory and more than 4,000 from Mururoa e Tatou in French Polynesia, fighting legal battles with the help of a law firm.

With Arlette Dellac, head of Legal Affairs, AVEN vice-president Jean-Luc Sans explained that France conducted 210 nuclear tests from 13 February 1960 to 27 January 1996, first in Algerian Sahara, at two sites, Reggane and In Ecker, and then in Polynesia, at Moruroa and Fangataufa.


Tens of thousands of people, civilians and military, participated in these tests. Many today encounter health problems. In addition many people have been seriously exposed to radiation.

Nearly 4,000 veterans have already contacted AVEN, which demands truth about conditions of protection and exposure of those involved on the sites, and justice for unfortunate victims of these events, as well as their families and dependents. Many veterans still wonder what is happening to those who participated in these nuclear tests, posing many questions about disease and suffering they endured as well as risks to descendants.

Cancer survey

A survey of health among veterans shows that 34% of them report one or more cancers, the percentage representing double the annual incidence of cancer in France in the same age group, at 17%.

Arlette Dellac thus spoke of the 18 legislative proposals that have been filed since 2002 by parliamentarians from all political sides, both in the National Assembly and Senate.

Faced with refusal from two assemblies, a support committee for Truth and Justice in recognition of the consequences of nuclear testing and fair compensation for victims was established on 3rd of June.

In addition, a national petition with 12,000 signatures was brought to Matignon, residence of the Prime Minister on the Elysees.

AVEN continue their struggle, reports a mainland news site, South West.

translation, additional reporting by jason brown

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