agency offers support for festival

| press release | for immediate release

avaiki nius agency has offered services-by-donation to the cook islands ministry of cultral development ahead of the 40th maeva nui independence festival.
"we heard the ministry has just had its budget cut back," says avaiki editor jason brown.
"this is especially difficult for ministry staff who are still recovering from political interference recently stopped by prime minister jim marurai."
avaiki nius agency says it is offering a range of services to the ministry.
"they can pay us when they can."
he laid down a friendly challenge to other media companies to offer assistance of some sort to the ministry.
"even if it is something small - a free ad, or some partnership."
"this is our 40th birthday - it is important we mark the occasion, acknowledge mistakes and express new hopes for the future, counting down to our first half century in 2015."
services offered by avaiki nius agency include
| completely transparent arrangements | all agreements and financial details to be posted to the web as per declared avaiki policy |
| media management | fairly and transparently handling all media inquiries and proposals
| product leverage | online publishing of self-published books, photos, posters, and postcards with images taken from the festival.
"if the ministry agrees we can have books from the 2004 festival ready for publication online by early next. from there, any customer, outlet, or book distributor will be able to order these books online."
slightly longer term, brown hopes to help the ministry and other interested entities with
| comprehensive web promotion | setting up easy - "very easy" - and simple self-promotion via commonly known email-based blog software.
| comprehensive e-commerce | low-fuss money making on the web | outer islands application.
"the ministry is under no obligation to accept this offer but we would be happy to play our part in making the festival a success," says brown.
avaiki nius agency has recently been given access to full-time internet through its editor striking a manage-to-own deal with the former owner.
"william keu and his wife amanda were among of the pioneers of online use in the cook islands, starting cyber net cafe in avarua and the internet cafe at muri about five years ago," says brown.
keu signed a deal with brown for the avarua cafe next to the banana court on Wednesday night, tucked away next to the banana court.
the next morning, keu left for the united kingdom with his family on a similar mission - helping take over management and ownership of his in-laws' successful taxi business.
says brown, "i would like to show respect to the contributions of the Keu family by keeping their name as part of its new identity - iraro cyber net cafe."
brown says the business remains in keu's name until all finance arrangements are in place.
"it has been six years since cook islands press failed due to burn-out on my part.
"i think that is long enough.
"cashflow will be tight in coming weeks, but i have inherited excellent staff from william. i am confident that greater responsibilities and more input into the business will get them and the cafe operating at peak efficiency."
brown says services-by-donation mean the agency will work for no obligation from the ministry, who are free to pay as little or as much as they think fair from work in progress.
others are also welcome to donate cash, services and products to the this festival related media and other projects as they develop by contacting marianna bryson at the ministry of cultural development.
"we look forward to bringing exciting new cyber opportunities to a very wide range of people in the near future," says brown, saying more details will be released in coming weeks.

further information:
jason brown, editor, avaiki nius agency +682 53905
marianna bryson, chief executive, ministry of cultural development +682 20725