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curriculum vitae

March 2006
Contact details below updated 20 February 2007.

Updated for Ministry of Education – Cook Islands
JASON BROWNonline | research | analysis | communications | photography | journalism

My skills are based in more than 20 years of experience in absorbing multiple information inputs from the widest variety of sources.
During my career I have conducted more than 7,000 interviews on mostly national and some regional development issues in all sectors of society. Turning those societal inputs into easily understandable report outputs on deadline is my professional strength.
Education is one of the key outputs of any nation, and I believe my media background would help context and depth to policy analysis efforts by the ministry.
My first experience of research and policy writing came as part of industry response to the draft Media Standards Bill in 1995. Since 2000, I have ventured deeper into policy, and have made direct submissions to:
Privileges Committee, on freedoms of speech.Public Hearings on Public Health (not recorded)Industry submissions on broadcasting reforms, draft FOI Select Committee on Political Reform (not recorded)Public submissions on Levy Reforms.Draft papers on National Development Council.Discussion paper on Permanent Commission of Reform.Proposal on e-promotion; including Discussion on strategic tourism promotion and cultural development.Communications advice to Secretariat of the Pacific Community.Contribution to NZAID Pacific Strategy Communications, Media and ICT section.
In August 2004, I was selected as Country Researcher for the Cook Islands in an industry report for the Australian aid funded Pacific Media and Communications Facility. Much of my analysis and recommendations were carried through into the Situational Analysis and Needs Assessment produced by PMCF and released late last year.
I have just completed an internship, short-term, with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, contributing to media mainstreaming as a part of their advocacy and communications work programme, with special focus on Women In Parliament as part of International Women’s Day 2006. Part of my terms of reference also asked for an advisory on their communications capacities.
Over my career, I have extensive experience of governance processes, including issues facing the outer islands. I have been to all outer islands apart from Nassau, Palmerston, Takutea, and Manuae, visiting Pukapuka, Rakahanga and Penrhyn on more than two occasions each; Manihiki three times, and southern group islands on more than a few occasions.
My online research abilities, including international trends in areas like aid, are well developed after investing many years of my time on this area as part of my journalism career.
In terms of professional development, I have played a leading role in reaching previous industry consensus on issues like a national code of ethics and a media council.
In cooperation with colleagues within the industry, I have again begun the process of helping rebuild those institutions.
Most of my experience comes from the print sector of the media, but I have also worked in broadcasting, mainly television (CITV), and, more recently, developed online entities, including a news agency.
Over the last 24 years, I have worked at all levels of the media industry, from general reporter to publisher and online editor.
I consider my professional strengths to be in research, analysis, communications including writing, editing, photography, design and online publishing, possibly in that order. Politics, economics, health and governance issues in all sectors of society have formed the basis for most of my stories.
In the last year or so, I have begun reporting on more regional issues. National issues are beginning to make much more sense when set in a national and indeed international context.
From a regional perspective, coming from a small island background gives me strong empathy for community-based organisations beginning to expose themselves to regional initiatives.

mar 2006 Media mainstreaming internship, Pacific Women’s Bureau, Secretariat of the Pacific Community, New Caledonia.
nov 2004 Completed country researcher duties for the Situational Analysis and Needs Assessment for the 14 country AusAID-funded Pacific Media and Communication Facility.
jul 2004 Official Photographer for Tauranga Vananga, the Ministry of Cultural Development at Te Maeva Nui 2004, the 39th Constitution Celebration Cultural Competition.
dec 2002 Editor, Pacific Islands AIDS Foundation founding report. Volunteer / consultant for monthly PIAF bulletins for four months.
jun 2002 Reporter, 14th International AIDS Conference, Barcelona, Spain for Pacific Islands AIDS Foundation.
nov 2000 Editor, Annual Report, Pacific Islands Business Trust, Auckland, New Zealand.
jul 1997 Helped establish and invite founding membership for Cook Islands Media Council, a public complaints body.
oct 1996 Publisher, Cook Islands Press, co-awardee (with then 126 year old Fiji Times) of the prestigious Pacific Islands News Association’s Freedom of Information Award.
jul 1996 Press attaché, team Cook Islands, Atlanta Olympic Games.
jun 1995 Publisher, Cook Islands Press, assisted with industry and public petition against proposed Media Standards Bill (withdrawn).
jul 1994 Reporter, CITV, Cook Islands general elections.
jan 1994 Founding member, Cook Islands Media Association
jan 1993 Founding member, Cook Islands Journalists Association.
oct 1992 Pacific Festival of Arts, reporter, Cook Islands News
nov 1990 Pacific Islands Journalism Course.
feb 1989 Public Relations Officer, Government of the Cook Islands.
aug 1985 Editor, 16 page Sports Section, South Pacific Mini Games, Rarotonga, Cook Islands.
1990 Pacific Island Journalism Course, Manukau Polytechnic, Aotearoa.
1992 Sub-editing workshop, SPC, Fiji.
1993 Pacific Journalists Association inaugural meeting.
1994 Pacific Islands News Association AGM, Cooks delegate, Samoa.
1998 Pacific Islands News Association AGM, Cooks delegate, Tahiti.
1999 Pacific Islands News Association AGM, Cooks delegate, Fiji.
2000 Strengthening National Media Associations conference, AUSaid, PINA, Fiji.
2003 Pacific Islands News Association AGM, Cooks delegate, Samoa.
2005 Mainstreaming Gender Issues workshop, SPC, PINA and NZAID, Suva, Fiji.
2006 Communications and advocacy internship, SPC, Noumea, New Caledonia.
15th September 1965
Walking, cycling, paddling.
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