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News items about the Kerry Packer owner parent of the Pacific Media Communication Facility have been online for years.

So far, however, no coverage among local or regional media over the fact that media policy is being set inside a large media conglomerate.

This might cause concern among journalists long suffering from years, now decades of downwards restructuring.

unions say tvnz sackings "gut NZ journalism"


April 12, 2007

"TVNZ proposes to gut NZ journalism"

TVNZ's decision to make nearly sixty news and current affairs staff redundant is a short-sighted move that poses a major threat to New Zealand journalism, say the unions that represent journalists.

The proposal includes the total closure of the news reference library, the closure of Wellington's 'Sunday' office, the closure of the Wanganui and Queenstown offices, a serious reduction of camera operators in Wellington and Auckland, and smaller cuts across almost every other news and current affairs division.

Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union national secretary Andrew Little says the redundancies are a serious attack on New Zealand journalism.

'This means more news is going to have to be covered by fewer people, which can only lead to a reduction in quality. The decision to scrap the news reference library alone will have a serious impact on the quality and depth of New Zealand journalism for years to come.

'What we're seeing here is the nation's public broadcaster slowly becoming the Auckland broadcaster. This proposal would gut New Zealand journalism and pose a major threat to TVNZ's ability to deliver on its Charter obligations.'

The Public Service Association also represents members at TVNZ. PSA national secretary Richard Wagstaff says the redundancies will hurt TVNZ in the long term.

"TVNZ needs to lift its game to win back viewers, not get rid of highly skilled and experienced staff. This is a panic-induced measure that I predict will come back to haunt TVNZ. New Zealanders as well as TVNZ staff are being ill-served by this action."

The redundancies at TVNZ coincide with redundancies at another major New Zealand news provider, APN, which is proposing major cuts to its editorial department.

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lessons from the links

Global warnings up in Canberra, tourism up in Tongatapu


Thinking we were really clever, avaiki news agency set up some of those fancy headline grabbing RSS (really stupid stuff or something like that) feeds.

You know, foster debate in the region, encourage information transformation, make pot loads of money. So far, no one banging down the doors but it does nicely point up how little millions in aid spending have had on local media. The above list, for example, helpfully marked in yellow using latest available technology, like Microsoft Paint.

Anyway, global warming ... doom. Gloom. Looming from the near future for Pacific Islands, breathlessly reported by media. Or at least, foreign media. A rare ray of sunshine, Matangi Tonga reports - visitor numbers from Japan are up! Not that rampant, runaway global tourism is linked to climate change or anything.

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media dress code rooted say chiefs


Get this - among minor concerns like, oh say, global warming and loss of entire nations - the great chiefs of Fiji have found time to solve urgent and demanding issues like ... journalistic dress code.

Fiji Times | thursday, april 12, 2007
"Media dress code mooted

"Inappropriate dress code and behaviour of media personnel covering the Great Council of Chiefs meetings has prompted the Fijian Affairs Ministry to consider introducing a code of conduct for journalists."
Hmmm. Dress code for journalists. Right up there with "nuclear legacy issues" and "corporate corruption" and "physical resource stripping" - making sure journalists dress right. Next: no media shuffling. Anywhere. Might get some peace and quiet from all those low rent sandals and jandals slapping and sliding along the corridors of power.

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