agency formalising news, legal status


avaiki nius agency - nius means news - has begun formalising its news structures and legal status.

Firstly, the agency has finally decided on an easily understandable split between its two main blogspots - avaiki and avaiki nius.

1. avaiki = media news and leading issues affecting pacific islands
2. avaiki nius = emails, press releases, projects, others from the agency itself.


The agency is seeking legal and other advice on how best to set up the agency as a supplier of news services to mainstream media and non-profits.

As envisaged, the agency covers events and issues not getting timely, indepth coverage from mainstream media in the Pacific Islands region, including Australia and New Zealand. Once more formally established, the agency will count down to a hand-over period, when the founder steps back and passes daily operations to counterpart trainees.

Medium term, the goal is for founder Jason Brown to step out entirely, creating what will be an all-indigenous news agency, monitored by community panel.


To help keep things clear, all news about this agency will appear on this blogsite, as press releases:

The second website will be the delivery end, feeding news, updates, links to the general public - who can check any aspect of the website if they want.


This ties in with agency policy for total transparency tools, using email-2-web software like gmail to autopublish emails, bank accounts and other information direct to web.

Questions, proposals, and other previously confidential materials will also appear here first, with the ability for anyone to comment directly.

Comments provide accountability to readers, including potential access for critics opposing agency activities.