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Anne Goodall

Service Centre Manager

dear anne,

I note the continued lack of action from your office regards my complaint, or even an acknowledgment that I have, in fact, laid an official complaint. Perhaps this might be due to the fact that there do not appear to be any official forms to make an official complaint on. Other issues:

1. You refer in your last email to "renewal" forms, but I am fairly sure that I am still well within the time allocated since my last visit to my doctor. Please check with the clinic of my doctor as provided for by law.
2. Dates of my travel are immaterial given that I applied in writing before date of departure. Either your office approves the travel, or it does not. Either way, make a decision, so that, if I disagree, I may ask for a review of the decision from your office.
3. I am currently down to the last few puffs of Pulmicort asthma medication, less than 20. I am completely out of anti-depressant medication. I cannot afford to go to a doctor.

By this time tomorrow, I will be out of asthma drugs. By this time Sunday, while you enjoy your weekend away from work, I will be bedridden, gasping for breath. If I continue to react badly to Melbourne weather, I may be hospitalised, even die. For these reasons, I must inform you that a continued lack of action from your office will draw further, official, complaint. If I survive!

So, what I suggest, is that payment be made, immediately, and any disputes over illegibility be settled after my return, with any reclamations made at that time.

jason brown
winz client 355846427

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