wood idolatory

I still can't get over it! that timber must still be ok, and like you say, worth alot of money to those in the know, as well as its spiritual value to those who have loved them as part of God's house. do you know what timber it is? why is it that Cook Islanders are bent on destruction...what do we have against wood? is it a throw back to the burning frenzy the missionaries introduced to end idol worship? Trees are just as important as we are (if not more in my books), we breathe what they give us and vice versa...they have provided us with this shelter - a holy house that inspires people every week for years of praise and worship -and yet we are so easy to disregard its true value. I mean apart from the odd falling coconut, a tree wouldn't dream of hurting US - intentionally! Those who love this church had better keep an eye on the Cross on the wall, it might be next, i mean for heaven's sake its wood! someone might suggest "hey, its so dated...just burn it!! and then we can put a nice plastic one up instead". my suggestion is, that those bright sparks who's call it is to renovate by force, had better watch out for falling coconuts!

Posted by Anonymous to avaiki at 4/12/2005 04:47:02 AM

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