PFF purpose of media rights monitoring

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Day 2 Session 8
Purpose of Media Rights Monitoring


To provide a basic introduction to media rights monitoring, and to develop a shared understanding of the value of monitoring media rights. Participants will be able to identify the need to monitor, discuss the differing reasons and outcomes of monitoring, and discuss the qualities and skills of a good monitor (the session is condensed and may not have time to address fully the qualities and skills of a good monitor).

Why monitor ?

Inform people
Consider implications
Suggest solutions
Suggest improvements
Keep subject on their toes
Seeking to protect media groups
Ensure elections are fair
Assist peacekeeping processes
Disaster relief
Legislative processes
Prison conditions
Violations of journalists rights.

Project XIX, inaugural meeting of the Pacific Freedom Forum, in support of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Held 6-8 May 2009, UNESCO conference centre, Apia, Samoa.

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avaiki nius agency said...

Laughter greeted the suggestion for "prison conditions" after media coverage showing police shooting out the tyres of a bus, full of escaping prisoners, rare armed action in Apia.

Like other frontline services, media respond to macabre situations with humour. Media can only cry so much.

More laughs: "Curiosity."

avaiki nius agency said...

This time, ironic laughter: journalists leaving journalists at the bottom of the list.